About us

The company Meindertsma SURINAME N.V. was founded in 1971 by Mr. G. Meindertsma. It is a company that has been providing the Surinamese market for years with the import of heavy equipment and components, tools, bearings, seals, belts, etc. Moreover Meindertsma Suriname N.V. is known for the technical support we provide to our customers and for the professional expertise of our employees.

Since mid-2006 Meindertsma Suriname N.V. is headed by a new management team, always maintaining the good of the past and innovating if required by changing circumstances.


Meindertsma Suriname N.V. offers the following services: Import and sales of heavy equipment, heavy equipment parts, tools, bearings, seals, belts, etc. Our clients include sole proprietorships, and small to (medium-) large companies.

Service hours

Meindertsma Suriname N.V. is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs. and on Saturdays from 7:30 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.

The service department, Meindertsma Service and Rental N.V. at Martin Luther King Highway # 383 is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. and on Saturday from 08:00 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.

Meindertsma Technical Parts N.V. at Anamoestraat #78 i sopen Monday to Friday from 08:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. and on Saturday from 08:00 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial for the continuity of our business. Our policy is therefore aimed at working closely with our suppliers, to build a lasting relationship with our customers, because the quality of the product, service, after sales service and technical support are always guaranteed.

Our brands

We supply heavy equipment, parts, tools and technical tools from the following brands:
Bepco, Bobcat, Deutz, Doosan, Gedore, Koyo, Landini, Laverda, Lisle, Lucas Mill, Proto, Stanley and Tatu.




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